Truck & Semi-Truck Accidents

If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one in a trucking accident, unfortunately there is a good chance that it happened because someone was negligent or violating the law. Most trucking companies are regulated by the Federal Government and are required to obey the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Kenny Mendelsohn is a frequent speaker at legal seminars on these laws and on handling cases for victims who have been injured by truck drivers. He is proficient in the Federal and Alabama laws that regulate the trucking industry. He has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for truck accident victims and their families.

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Accidents waiting to happen.

Semi truck accidents are common because collisions caused by 18-wheel trucks are the logical and predictable result of our transportation system. Trucking companies routinely hire unqualified drivers, pay them based on the number of miles driven, and overload trucks and trailers all for the purpose of getting the product to its destination as quickly as possible so the company and driver can get paid. Trucking companies also often allow their drivers to operate tractor trailers that have worn out tires, bad brakes, or other dangerous problems because when the truck is in the shop it is not making money.

The nature of long-haul truck driving requires many hours behind the wheel; driver’s compensation is generally tied into delivering the load to its destination as soon as possible; and drivers often push the limits to get home or at least to somewhere to hang their hat. Consequently, it is no surprise that fatigue has become a very common and serious problem. Every day there are many drivers who are extremely tired or spinning on drugs that can be bought at any truck stop or gas station along a highway. Fatigue diminishes the truck driver’s ability to drive safely and perform his other duties which poses a serious danger to innocent people on the highways.

How We Help

Kenny uses his decades of experience with accident cases and trucking laws to identify who was negligent and hold them responsible for the victim’s loss. If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one in a trucking accident, we will be glad to review your case for free. All of the cases we handle are done on a contingency fee basis which means we don’t get paid unless you collect. Contact us to request a free consultation.