Whistleblower Law

In 1863, because of vast amounts of fraud committed against the federal government, Congress enacted and President Abraham Lincoln signed into law, the False Claims Act. Also known as Lincoln’s Law, the Act established a system to reward whistleblowers who reported wrongdoings against the government.

Early whistleblower cases generally involved corporations who overcharged the military for goods. Since that time, cases have been brought to prosecute frauds on Medicare and Medicaid by providers who bill for unnecessary services or items; bill for procedures that were never performed; or over billed for the services. The government also has extended whistleblower rewards to citizens who report tax fraud, securities fraud and other fraudulent conduct.

How We Help

Kenny Mendelsohn has represented several whistleblowers in successful cases, including a visa fraud case that resulted in the largest settlement of an immigration fraud case in the history of the United States. Kenny understands that blowing the whistle takes a lot of courage and that it can take a serious emotional toll on the whistleblower and their family.

If you are aware of fraudulent billing or other deceptive wrongdoing by such companies as healthcare providers, billing companies, military contractors, pharmaceutical companies or financial institutions, we would be honored to review a possible case confidentially and free of charge. Contact us to request a free consultation.