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4 tips for mothers who are also caregivers after a car crash

When your husband gets hurt in a car accident, all of the responsibilities of the home and family will rest on your shoulders. For a woman who has a husband that was catastrophically injured, such as those who suffered a spinal cord or brain injury, the hardship is considerable. These women need to come up with a plan so that they can be sure their husband, children, and household duties are all properly cared for without losing her mind.

Make a list

You will need lots of lists in your life when you are handling the duties of being a mother and a caregiver. As you make appointments or find out about events for your children, write them down on a calendar. Some people choose to use a synched electronic calendar that they can pull up on a phone and a computer. Other people prefer the paper calendars and planners. Either way, be sure to look at what is going on each day and whenever you need to make an appointment so that you aren't double booked. You are likely to have a lot of appointments to schedule after a car accident that causes a catastrophic injury.

Get help when needed

You can't do it all yourself, and if you try to, you are likely to end up needing to be hospitalized yourself. Seek out help where you can. For your spouse, this might mean that you hire a caregiver to help out with some of the daily care routine. In a way, this might help your spouse since he won't have you attending to all of his intimate care.

It is sometimes easier for men to accept help from someone who is paid to do the work than having to count on his wife to do these tasks. Bathing, dressing, changing bandages, or dealing with medical equipment are some of the tasks that a paid caregiver could address. Friends and family members might offer to help. Use these offers to get household tasks like laundry or cleaning the bathroom done.

Spend time with your children and yourself

Your spouse's care takes up a good portion of your time, but your children do need to have time with you, too. Plan to do fun things with them, even if it is just a few hours at the park. If your husband has a caregiver, you can plan your outings to correspond with those care sessions. You should also plan to have time for yourself. You might not be able to get a lot of this, but you should take advantage of the times that you can focus on yourself. Take a long bath if someone is at your home who can spend time with your husband or go out for a cup of coffee if you have a caregiver on duty.

Find resources

In some cases, respite care might be possible. Of course, money is sometimes an option with providing respite care and other care. Learn about what your insurance will cover and make plans to cover other aspects of life. Find out if your husband qualifies for disability or other payments that can help to make ends meet. You can also explore the possibility of seeking compensation through a lawsuit.

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