Recovering From A Senseless Loss

Losing a loved one to a sudden fatal accident is one of the most painful experiences anyone can endure. If the accident could and should have been prevented by another person or entity, that pain is only compounded.

The grieving process following a wrongful death accident can often not be completed until the family knows that the responsible person or company proven to be at fault has been held accountable.

At Jemison & Mendelsohn, we understand the deep pain these families feel, and we are committed to leveraging our legal experience and abilities to proving fault and holding responsible parties accountable for the loss of life they have caused. No matter the outcome of these cases, they cannot reverse the accident — but they can help families achieve a sense of closure during the grieving process.

Pursuing Punitive Damages

Alabama is one of very few states that awards only punitive damages in wrongful death cases. These awards are intended to:

  • Preserve life
  • Punish the defendant
  • Discourage the defendant and others from engaging in similar conduct in the future

Proving damages in a wrongful death case is very different than proving them in a personal injury case. It's essential to have an attorney who knows the process. Attorney Kenneth Mendelsohn has handled hundreds of wrongful death cases, and is prepared to handle yours with efficiency and respect.

Compassionate And Zealous Representation After The Loss Of A Loved One

From start to finish in the case, we sit down with each family to provide a clear understanding of the case and realistic explanations of how it will proceed. We offer the information and answers they need, but are dedicated to carrying the legal burden for them during this difficult time.

Our Montgomery team is known for its ability to get results and to conduct the investigation and case preparation needed to deliver accountability.

In addition to legal representation, we help families find the resources and support they need during this time, putting them in touch with groups and organizations that we trust to help them through the loss.

If you have lost a loved one in an accident, we invite you to visit our office and learn your options for seeking accountability. Call us today at 334-523-8268.