Navigating State Immunity

When a state employee causes or contributes to an accident, those injured in the event face many frustrating and difficult obstacles for seeking the compensation they deserve and that they need. In Alabama, the state is often immune from liability. Its employees, however, may or may not be immune. These are complicated matters, requiring experienced legal representation that has handled such claims and is prepared to seek accountability wherever possible.

At Jemison & Mendelsohn, our firm is known for its abilities to handle cases and injuries caused by or contributed to by state employees. We are knowledgeable in this particular area of law — an area that most other law firms are unable to handle, given the complexities and nuances of the law.

Complex Cases Involving The State Of Alabama

Our Montgomery team will investigate exactly how the accident or injury occurred and the capacity in which the state employee was working or acting at the time. We pay attention to the details that make significant differences in the outcome of the case.

Our firm has handled a broad range of these types of cases and claims, including:

  • Car accidents caused by state employees and those working for the Department of Transportation
  • Injuries occurring to individuals and children in state care, including mental health patients and child services
  • Injuries caused by individuals on work-release
  • Accidents caused by escaped inmates

In some cases, there may be a claim against the state agency, but often the claim should be brought against individuals working on behalf of the state. We parse through the details of state and federal laws to determine exactly where the immunity lies and where an agency or individual is liable.

Far too many people are turned away by attorneys who assume that there is no liability in their accident or that they do not have a case because of state immunity, when really there may be a chance to seek compensation. We take a thorough look at your situation and provide you with a clear understanding of all options available.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a state employee or state agency, do not hesitate to set up a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and receive an experienced evaluation of your case. Call our law offices today at 334-523-8268.