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 Jemison & Mendelsohn

Jemison & Mendelsohn is known throughout Alabama for its experience in personal injury cases and its ability to help injured individuals and grieving families receive the compensation and closure they need after serious accidents.

After an accident has completely changed your life, we deliver legal results that help you make the fullest recovery possible. No legal settlement or lawsuit can change what has happened to you. It can, however, provide a sense of closure, as well as the financial foundation you need to start rebuilding.

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Holding Responsible Parties Accountable For Serious Injuries

From the moment that an injured individual walks through our door, our Montgomery law firm strives to help ease the pain of this experience by making sure they understand that we have the experience and abilities needed to hold responsible parties accountable. We seek maximum damages, knowing how much our clients need this money to cover medical bills, wages they've lost while unable to work and the financial burden of recovering.

Other law firms and attorneys throughout Alabama and in other states trust our abilities and often refer clients to us, confident that we will get results. We often represent individuals driving through the state, particularly those involved in accidents on I-65, acting as local representation, even if they live elsewhere.

Throughout the case, we remain highly accessible, providing answers and information as clients need them to make the best decisions possible for their own case. We treat every client like family, providing the representation we would expect a law firm to give our own loved ones.

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